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"Vienna, Vienna, you alone shall be the city of my dreams..." This old Viennese folk song is mainly about one fact - that Vienna is fantastic, as beautiful as a dream. Art, culture and the city itself make a unique mix of tradition and modern times. Vienna is pure romance and enjoyment.
On the city tour you will see the unique Ringstrasse with all its beautiful buildings, the Ferris Wheel and the town´s landmark, St. Stephen´s Cathedral.

Vienna is different and it is highly addictive...


The romantic Wachau – a stretch of more than 35 km along the Danube valley between Melk with the famous Abbey, and Krems. An enchanting region combining nature, wine, culture and history.

Linz - European Capital of Culture 2009

Linz, Austria´s third-largest city, is picturesquely embedded in Danube Valley and encircled by gently rolling foothills.
The cultural wealth and the many attractions of the picturesque town center bear witness to the past glory and present beauty of Linz. Linz today is one of the leading cultural centers of Austria.

Salzburg - The City of Mozart

A day trip from Linz by motorcoach.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is, without any doubt, the most famous person of Salzburg. But the city can offer a lot more. Majestically the fortress Hohensalzburg is enthroned over the city, river Salzach follows its way through the various bridges and colourful facades of the houses are reflecting in the water. In the old town center you will walk the same path Mozart passed 200 years ago.


The capital of Slovakia has many things to offer to visitors, the monumental Bratislava Castle, St. Martin´s Cathedral, the Classical Primaciálny Palace, the Mirbach´s Palace, a masterpiece of the Bratislava Rococo, the romantic ruins of Devin Castel and the Opera house.


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